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March 31 2020


@everyonewasabird replied to your post “also I do not say this lightly but wow Illusions Perdues is even Gayer…”
YES. I thought you maybe didn’t need a minute by minute update of how much gayer it was getting as I read but I was DEFINITELY rethinking my initial understatement of its gayness when they were sitting there weeping over Andre Chenier together and David’s plot is his love for Lucien (Which he thinks is for Lucien’s sister. Who looks just like Lucien. Who is his excuse for idolizing Lucien) and then that line about being lovers (OF POETRY) and…. yeah.

They’re so in love!!… with POETRY! 

gdkhgsdgh it was so blatant I had a moment of trying to figure out if “Eve” was some kind of Coded Reference before I remembered she was supposed to be Lucien’s sister

Cue “better with a man” from gentleman’s guide?

I mean
that’s too subtle here really but yes


I also like this study guide , which promises to explain why the structure of Illusions might seem confusing at first glance: 

But there is an important compositional factor which should be taken into account on the issue of overall coherence.

And what is this Mysterious Factor that underlies the seeming disorder of the text? the hidden aspect which will make it all into a better whole? 

In any given year, Balzac might be working on two or even three separate parts of La Comedie Humaine. He would write (and publish) one novel, then later write another separate book dealing with a minor character from the first. It was rather like the completion of a huge literary jigsaw puzzle – one which progressively expanded the more he wrote.

To make matters more complex, he often changed the titles of the separate parts when they were transferred from serial publication in newspapers and magazines into single volume book format. All of these factors tend to militate against structural consistency. It is a miracle that La Comedie Humaine is as coherent as it is.

“We can explain why this story seems a little disconnected and confusing! It’s because the author was A Complete Disaster:D”



replied to your



@amarguerite replied to your post: …

wait until Vautrin comes in

at this point I assume he shall arrive naked and oiled, being carried on a litter made of rainbows


it was already advertised as Really Damn Gay!

I feel like I’m reading a fanfic
any minute now Lucien’s gonna loosen a cravat or something and David will Let Out A Breath He Hadn’t Even Realized He Was Holding

also I do not say this lightly but wow Illusions Perdues is even Gayer Than Advertised 


Lucien’s hands denoted race; they were shapely hands; hands that men obey at a sign, and women love to kiss.  (Illusions Perdue, Ellen Marriage translation)

… knowing that Balzac was apparently vain as all get out about his own hands, I am beginning to suspect this may be his equivalent of the Hugolian Forehead for characters


oh GOSH thank you so much @everyonewasabird for reccing the translation of Illusions Perdue 

because somehow I’ve never seen anyone share Balzac’s amazing dedication of the book to Victor Hugo: 


To Monsieur Victor Hugo,

It was your birthright to be, like a Rafael or a Pitt, a great poet at an age when other men are children; it was your fate, the fate of Chateaubriand and of every man of genius, to struggle against jealousy skulking behind the columns of a newspaper, or crouching in the subterranean places of journalism. For this reason I desired that your victorious name should help to win a victory for this work that I inscribe to you, a work which, if some persons are to be believed, is an act of courage as well as a veracious history. If there had been journalists in the time of Moliere, who can doubt but that they, like marquises, financiers, doctors, and lawyers, would have been within the province of the writer of plays? And why should Comedy, qui castigat ridendo mores, make an exception in favor of one power, when the Parisian press spares none? I am happy, monsieur, in this opportunity of subscribing myself your sincere admirer and friend,


March 30 2020

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@wild-oats-and-cornflowers requested Joly with a cat. Well, I say studying’s more fun when it’s done with a pet… yes? ;) (Until it knocks your coffee cup over onto your notes anyway…).

[I realise that I tend to include skulls as a prop rather a great deal. (When it’s not dissected feet, anyway). Maybe it’s just one skull, and it gets passed around between the Amis de l’ABC. Maybe it’s Murray.]

For the Stuck at Home Requests. (yes, it’s still open!)


Reblog with your favorite portrayal of each character!







Raoul de Chagny (PotO), Erik (PotO), Christine (PotO), Enjolras (Les Mis), Javert (Les Mis), Eponine (Les Mis), Marius (Les Mis)

Tagging: @mcfickletons @cou-fey-rac @javertwenttoheaven @enjoltr @disco-enj @freestanding-carnation and anyone else because I’m really bad at finding people to tag! :)

Raoul de Chagny: either Patrick Wilson or Hadley Fraser

Erik: I don’t have a favorite, but I grew up watching the 2004 movie so.. Gerard Butler I guess?

Christine: Rebecca Caine!! There’s a full audio recording of the show with her on yt and she’s fabulous

Enjolras: Aaron Tveit

Javert: either Russell Crowe or Philip Quast

Eponine: Samantha Barks

Marius: Eddie Redmayne

Tagging: @permets-tu-means-i-love-you @abigail-is-a-fog @courferre-stan @enjolras-my-love @aberrantangel

Raoul: Hadley Fraser!

Erik: I guess Ramin Karimloo or Jeremy Stolle. I can’t remember which others I’ve heard.

Christine: Sierra Boggess

Enjolras: Hyoie O’Grady or Bradley Jaden

Javert: Bradley Jaden or Josh Davis

Eponine: Samantha Barks

Marius: Fra Fee

Tags: @bookdragon6127


Raoul: Hadley Fraser 

Erik: Ramin Karminloo 

Christine: Sierra Boggess (Yes, it’s the 25th anniversary cast, dont judge (: )

Enjolras: Aaron Tveit or Matt Shingledecker

Javert: Norm Lewis

Eponine: Samantha Barks <3

Marius: Eddie Redmayne or Joshua Grosso

Tags: @lesmiserablol @cx-shhhh @disco-enj

Oh this is fun!

Raoul: Hadley Fraser

Erik: Ramin Karimloo

Christine: Idk probably Sierra Boggess

Enjolras: Aaron Tveit, Hyoie O’Grady, or Will Richardson (essentially the Holy Trinity of blonde Enjolrai)

Javert: Bradley Jaden

Éponine: Samantha Barks

Marius: Joshua Grosso or Fra Fee

Tags: @pweches @yayee-prsp @halyeya if you guys want to

ahhhh why you gotta make me choose !!

Raoul: Hadley Fraser DEFINITELY

Erik: Ramin Karimloo or John Owen Jones 

Christine: Gina Beck!!

Enjolras: Bradley Jaden, Hyoie O’Grady, and Will Richardson are my personal favs haha


Éponine: Samantha Barks or Carrie Hope Fletcher

Marius: Rob Houchen

im adding Grantaire bc why not: Raymond Walsh and Joe Spieldenner for sure 

tagging @robespeeair @achilles-was-better-than-u @pilferingapples @disco-enj or just anybody who wants to participate :)

Oh how fun! thank you for tagging me!:D

Raoul de Chagny , Erik , Christine (PotO)-  I’m basic basic I knoooow but: Hadley Fraser, Ramin Karimloo, 

Enjolras (Les Mis)- DANIEL DIGES, Madrid 2010 cast. Hits that perfect mix of Visionary Intensity and Earnest Nerd to balance the character between the Symbolic and Human. I like a lot of Enjolrai, but this is still the definitional Stage Enjolras for me. 

Javert (Les Mis)- Norm Lewis will forever Be the musical’s Javert for me, I think. I don’t think I have to explain:D 

 Eponine (Les Mis)- Elizabeth Judd, Dallas Theater Center cast– her Eponine managed to capture the internalized elitism of her upbringing and the damage that was doing to her as her family fell in the world, along with the dreamy teenager she still was in spite of everything, and I Love Her And She Deserves Better ;__; 

 Marius (Les Mis) - ooh TOUGH competition but … Justin Keyes, Dallas Theater Center cast again. He managed to have not just the Beginner Adult cluelessness and sympathetic awkwardness, but that occasional edge of self-absorption that can drift into callousness, without having either one totally erase the other. And I really felt his post-barricade struggle back to engaging with the world in a way I haven’t from any other Marius , somehow. 

aaah tagging.. who likes these kind of things? @kcrabb88, @bewareofitalics, @flaviamarquesart ? Zero pressure though!
 Anyone else who has seen enough of these shows to have an opinion and wants to do this? I mean it, seriously, I would love to know who else is following me and likes these kind of questiongames! 



this is very nice and all but i cannot help being amused by the following:

  • how into it john owen-jones is getting
  • also the fact that in the group shots he’s entirely out of time with everyone else
  • i know they’re all doing their own thing with it, but come on
  • the sheer VOLUME of fra fee’s hair
  • that rob houchen looks like a personal trainer
  • how much im attracted to ramin karimloo
  • and that alfie boe’s garden looks very nice
  • bonus shoutout to alistair brammer’s flat cap
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“On Wednesdays we wear pink.”, but it’s 1830s and the Romantic era is in full bloom.

March 29 2020


Not Even Miracles - everyonewasabird - Les Misérables - Victor Hugo [Archive of Our Own]


Chapters: 6/?
Fandom: Les Misérables - Victor Hugo, Les Misérables - All Media Types
Rating: Mature
Warnings: Graphic Depictions Of Violence, Major Character Death
Relationships: Combeferre & Courfeyrac & Enjolras (Les Misérables), Courfeyrac/Cosette Fauchelevent/Marius Pontmercy, Combeferre/Jean Prouvaire, Enjolras & Les Amis de l'ABC, Cosette Fauchelevent & Jean Valjean, Combeferre & Cosette Fauchelevent, Minor or Background Relationship(s), Joly/Bossuet Laigle/Musichetta, Courfeyrac/Musichetta
Characters: Combeferre (Les Misérables), Enjolras (Les Misérables), Courfeyrac (Les Misérables), Cosette Fauchelevent, Marius Pontmercy, Javert (Les Misérables), Jean Valjean, Jean “Jehan” Prouvaire, Joly (Les Misérables), Musichetta (Les Misérables), Les Amis de l'ABC
Additional Tags: Post-Barricade, Fix-It, Somebody Lives/Not Everyone Dies, Canon Era, Families of Choice, Trans Enjolras, Non-Binary Jean Prouvaire, Javert Lives, Angst with a Happy Ending, Grief/Mourning, Gender Dysphoria, Canon-Typical Violence, Racism, Transphobia, discussion of suicide, 19th Century Medicine, Police Brutality, Asexual aromantic Enjolras, Queerplatonic Relationships, Heavy Angst, Combeferre & Enjolras Platonic Life Partners, combeferre-centric, Badass Cosette, Cosette makes friends

“Are you all right?” Courfeyrac asked.

Enjolras did not answer.

“I’ll come find you,” Combeferre said.

Enjolras raised his head and their eyes met.

“If there is a next time,” Combeferre said, “you won’t have to wonder whether I lived. I swear it, Enjolras. Courfeyrac. As long as I’m alive, I will come find you.”

Post-barricade survival fic about found family. Combeferre searches for Enjolras, Cosette tries to save her father, Enjolras atones, and Courfeyrac struggles to come to terms with all of it.

Not an everybody lives AU, but I promise there’s a happy ending for everyone who made it out.


Chapter 6 - “Farouche”

Flashback chapter! The formation of the triumvirate! And some other things.




Hey folks. If you’ve seen normally reliable sources like NPR sources touting the Internet Archive for releasing a free “National Emergency Library,” please know that this is based on a gross misunderstanding of the situation. The Internet Archive does provide access to old books for which the copyright has lapsed, but now they’re scanning/posting things they absolutely do not have the rights for and authors who can’t afford it are going to take a hit. I know free books are tempting, but this is bad. This is basically piracy. Don’t do this. If you want to see a breakdown of why this isn’t okay, I recommend reading the threads by Chuck Wendig and Alexander Chee

Stay informed. It’s hard not to take advantage of things like this when money is tight, but money is tight for a lot of authors, too, and they’re not getting a government bailout, and every sale counts. Piracy is not a victimless crime.

Before I get a bunch of asks about “Why is piracy bad?” and “But I have a loophole!” here is tag explaining why piracy is bad for books and offering alternatives for free reading material. You can also try the resources tag.


@katherinebarlow replied to your post “Rules: We’re snooping through your playlist. Put your entire music…”

** headbangs to Empty Chairs at Empty Tables**




Book 15: The Rue De L'Homme Armé

Sketching Les Mis Chapter 4.15.1 - The Blotter Talks

I reblogged this post saying Hugo writes cool plots but bad prose and tumblr refuses to post it so I think I now know why this website is the way it is: it’s haunted by Victor Hugo

And I already know his ghost has beef with me so I guess this post is now lost forever. I didn’t mean on this chapter, Hugo, I meant generally! I’ll save my explanation to the end of this project then, fine.

But anyway, Valjean saw Cosette’s letter to Marius in her ink blotter, reflected on the mirror, and realized these past months he was losing Cosette without realising it. And so Hugo wrote the part of the brick that straight men read and think Jean Valjean is attracted to Cosette even tho Hugo is very clear he isn’t. He is so starved for love from 60+ years of a life of self-denial where he couldn’t love anyone that all of his love gets poured onto Cosette. And now he lost her.

Marius, Mabeuf, Valjean all had breakdowns that led them to this whirpool of fate that is this uprising. It’s neat, the coincidences are there but this book is good at establishing that these coincidences are consistent. So Valjean, realising the kid sniffing his handkerchief was the ‘beloved’ in the letter, he who was always fighting an uphill battle to be a good man, falls into that pit he fell years before. He hates Marius. Pure, vile hatred.

Valjean asked Toussaint where the fighting in the street was taking place (she told him there was fighting going on outside) and he went outside. Sitting in the dark at a crossroads.

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When you don’t know what to draw, draw a character dressed like you.

And who’d wear my dress and leather jacket than Bahorel ? No one ! Well, in a way bigger size of course. But still, no one.

(here is the dress if you want to see it better.)

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we found an ocean when we needed land

we drowned in words when we needed a hand

Keep reading

Reposted byseaweed seaweed



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