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May 20 2018




Modern au!marius: cute, dorky, problematic boy who is head over heels for Cosette

Brick!marius: creepy, terrible, pretentious fuckwad who has no idea how to talk to a woman and ends up being the worst character in the entire book

It’s because he’s Victor Hugo

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Anton Zetterholm - Enjolras Medley

ABC Café / Red and Black ~ Do You Hear The People Song?


sometimes tumblr loads just a beat faster than Xkit and I catch a glimpse of the horrible posts xkit is saving me from and it’s like an extremely cheap scifi show where I can see the dark dystopian future that would happen if the world were just a little different,and I feel like I should formally thank Xkit for saving me from The Darkest Timeline on a daily basis 

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Tumblr has a new setting to turn off

General settings > privacy > better recommendations (uses your search history to show you more posts)

OP posted this May 19th 2018 so it really is some new nonsense staff has come up with!

Here’s a direct link for people on desktop! https://www.tumblr.com/settings/privacy

Mod Party Cat!

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Perhaps the Thénardier’s broken window? Marius’ room?


May 19 2018



“At last a success, a real success!…It was not a matter of a hundred claquers or so.  The whole audience took part, clapping, stamping their feet and even throwing bouquets - attentions that, in the manner of great lords, they usually leave to the administration.  M. Sauvage’s dialogue and M. Fontana’s music played no part in this success - it was entirely achieved by Perrot’s legs.  And what legs they are!

Perrot is not good looking, he is even extremely ugly.  Above the waist he has the physique of a tenor - no need to say more - but from there on down he is a pleasure to look at.  It is not quite good form nowadays to show interest in the perfection of a male body, but we cannot keep silent about Perrot’s legs…the feet and knees are extremely delicately formed, and counterbalance the feminine roundness of contour of his legs, which are both soft and pliable, elegant and supple.”

Theophile Gautier, review of Zingaro, opera (with dance), libr. Sauvage, mus. Fontana, for the debuts of Jules Perrot and Carlotta Grisi, February 29th, 1840.

Well, I guess a guy who can write about his MASSIVE crush on his friend’s beard would feel comfortable waxing lyrical about another dude’s legs

they DO sound pretty amazing, though.


Les Amis + the Solar System


Enjolras is Sol, the Sun, trapping the planets in his gravity; the body that provides them both daylight and warmth. But it’s dangerous–a star determines the fates of its planets, and a light that burns so fiercely can’t burn forever.

Grantaire is Mercury, the smallest planet and nearest to the Sun, named for the god of messengers. When facing Sol, the planet warms, reaching over 400 degrees Celsius. When turned away, the already-barren surface becomes cold and dark; dropping below -170. Though it is so close to us on Earth, much about it remains a mystery.

Jehan is Venus, the hottest planet, named for the goddess of love and beauty. It is unique in its movements, rotating in the opposite direction of the other planets. The brightest object in our sky apart from the Sun, poets and songwriters alike, for centuries, have been calling Venus the ‘morning star’ and ‘evening star’.  

Feuilly is Earth, the ideal planet, and our home. Earth is favoured by Sol, being the only planet in the narrow range of distances from the star that allows life to exist. It’s not the biggest planet, nor the warmest, nor the one with the largest moon, but its averageness itself made it perfect.

Bahorel is Mars, named for the god of war for of its reddish glow. Though on first glance Mars seems unforgiving and cold, with a closer look, it was found to be the most conductive to life. The names of the rovers landed on it seem to reflect the essence of the planet itself–’Spirit’ and ‘Opportunity’.

Courfeyrac is Jupiter, the largest planet, nearly a star in its own right for the number of moons it has trapped in its orbit due to its immense gravity. It was named for the god of thunder, fittingly so–the storm in the massive red spot on its surface has been raging for centuries. 

Combeferre is Saturn, often considered the solar system’s ‘jewel’ for the rings that made it a source of scientific fascination since its discovery. The strength of its gravitational influence is bested only by that of Jupiter and the Sun. It was (most aptly) named for the god of agriculture and liberation. 

Bossuet is Uranus, named for the god of the sky, and the planet that expanded the celestial horizons of humankind–the first to have been discovered with a telescope, while the previous five were known since antiquity (though first mistaken for a comet). The planet orbits perpendicular to the rest, most likely due to a collision with a planet that knocked it on its side. 

Joly is Neptune, named for the god of the sea for its vivid blue colour. It is often mentioned in the same vein as Uranus due to their shared characteristics (similarities in size, colour, composition) and is like the former in that it was discovered. Its discovery was special–a collaborative effort in which the planet was mathematically predicted before it was seen.

Marius is Pluto, a dwarf planet named for the god of the underworld, whose true planetary status is still debated by many. In any case, it orbits Sol like all the rest, though on a different plane. Pluto has a moon, Charon, who we may see as Cosette–the two objects are tidally locked, the same face permanently turned toward each other.

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modern les misérables: gavroche

this child never felt so well as when he was in the street. the pavements were less hard to him than his mother’s heart. his parents had despatched him into life with a kick. he simply took flight.

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I managed to sneak an attempt at Vicky into a class assignment

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“Death of Enjolras” in a nutshell or When You Try To Hold Sempai’s Hand



grantaire at the barricade:


listen up


so @no-passaran & i have noticed that a lot of people in the les mis fandom are from catalonia and we want to create a groupchat, since it seems like a fun idea & we can be a small community and stuff.

reply to this or dm us if you’re interested !!!! 

(also pls, reblog this even if you’re not catalan so more people can see it !!)


I have no answers
only Questions
Questions like “ who” and “…you know there’s already actually a lot of women in the story, right, they just get sidelined in most adaptations”

but I am really unsnarkily curious to see what these New Characters will be! You know I love the Roberts and Mireilles of adaptations, I’m rooting for them to have something to actually Do in the show:D
having like 60 characters just wasnt enough to confuse audiences. they need More.

Turns out the whole thing’s just a Cunning Plan to employ Every Actor In The UK on one project


I really didn’t expect anyone’s problem with Les Mis to ever be “it’s too sparsely populated” 


why are there so many new characters 

what is happening 

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Lily Newmark has been added as a character called Sophie appearing in episode 2.


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