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April 26 2017



Hi again!!

I’ve gotten enough responses on the last post asking if people would prefer the date of this fan week be moved to the end of July, that I am officially moving it! The new dates will be the 23rd to the 29th of July! Sorry again for the inconsistency, and I hope that this will work better for everyone wanting to be involved!


aah that moment when you sit down to draw with a wonderful clear image you’ve been itching to get down for hours and there’s no distractions and the tablet’s working and POW it all goes skipping merrily off into the Lands of the Lost I frigging guess because it’s sure not here anymore 

time to draw some still life and remember how Shapes Happen 

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Les Amis (+others) as Artistic Movements (10.5/?)

Grantaire (alternative)  -  Those fucking babies from Renaissance paintings. You know the ones. Those fuckers

“It’s just like, I don’t know, they had little to no concept of human anatomy, you know? I mean look at them! The ones on the right look like the various stages of being wasted/hungover and the ones of the left are aliens wearing human skin and occasionally screeching to try and fit in. Just look at them! Take a fucking look babes.”

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Flash Comics #13 - “The Creeps” (1941)

written by John B. Wentworth
art by Stan Aschmeier

i could live a hundred years and i’ll never write comic dialogue this good

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El Paso Herald, Texas, January 13, 1917

In the year 2017..




hey yo u hear about violet green swallows ?

very soft friends

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Mid-Late 1800s
Emerald Green and Sapphire


Here's A Book About The Hundreds Of Women Artists Who Helped Create The Disney Classics


Never before has there been such an in-depth history of these largely-unsung women.

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So I hear some of you guys like print books. The Unsounded Volume 3 Kickstarter is live now!

I’m hoping to fund a fantastic print of the third volume and also reprints of volumes 1 and 2! You’ll find some other goodies up for grabs there as well. Reblogs are always appreciated!

I’m nervous because that is my nature, but you guys give me strength. Thank you for supporting me and the comic :) Please disregard Sette, she is a garbage baby. Jivi, Matty, and I will keep her on the straight and narrow.

It launched!!!  Definitely supporting this!

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Gaku’s Ethereal Food Carvings

Japanese artist Gaku carves fruits and vegetables, etching intricate patterns on their skins.

Keep reading

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The Mexia Daily News, Texas, March 11, 1964


5 Calls

House Republicans are pushing forward with a bill to strip workers of overtime protections and erode the 40-hour work week. For decades, under the landmark Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) most non-managerial employees have been guaranteed the right to time-and-a-half overtime pay if they work more than 40 hours in a week. The misnamed ‘Working Families Flexibility Act’ (House: HR 1180; Senate: S 801) would give employers the option of offering these workers paid time off or 'comp time’ instead of overtime wages if they work over 40 hours.


Tor.com Publishing Offering Seanan McGuire’s Every Heart a Doorway for Free: April 25 and 26 Only



Can get it.


This is FROM MY PUBLISHER, it is FREE FOR YOU, no strings attached.  Please, if you haven’t been able to afford a copy, please,  Get one now.


Tell Congress: don’t delay our civil rights!


Businesses have had 27 years to come into compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, the civil rights law which requires businesses to be accessible to people with disabilities. But some of them still want a pass on excluding disabled people. Right now, Members of Congress and corporate lobbyists are pushing H.R. 620, a bill that weakens the ADA. We need to push back: contact your Members of Congress and let them know that our civil rights don’t come with a waiting period.

The House could vote on H.R. 620 as soon as this week. This bill:

  • Lets businesses avoid fixing access barriers for up to four months after receiving a complaint – even though the ADA’s access requirements are already 27 years old!
  • Ignores the fact that the ADA is the most important civil rights law for people with disabilities.
  • Ignores the extensive, free educational resources already available today to any business on how to comply with the law.

You can find contact information for your two Senators, and your Congressional Representative, at contactingcongress.org. Here’s a script you can use to call, write, or email:

Script for contacting your U.S. Representative: My name is [Name], and I live in [your town]. I’m [calling/writing] to ask Representative [Name] to vote NO on H.R. 620. People with disabilities need to be able to shop for groceries, stay at hotels, and use other public accommodations. It has been 27 years since the Americans with Disabilities Act. Disabled people in our district have waited too long for access – and businesses have had plenty of time to provide it. Please protect the ADA and vote NO on H.R. 620.

Script for contacting your U.S. Senator: My name is [Name], and I live in [your town]. I’m [calling/writing] to ask Senator [Name] to oppose a Senate version of H.R. 620. People with disabilities need to be able to shop for groceries, stay at hotels, and use other public accommodations. It has been 27 years since the Americans with Disabilities Act. Disabled people in our state have waited too long for access – and businesses have had plenty of time to provide it. Please protect the ADA and vote NO on any Senate version of H.R. 620.

We cannot allow Congress to start chipping away at the ADA. Make sure your Members of Congress know that you expect them to stand up for disability rights. Nothing about us, without us!

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your brightness of today will guide your lost friends to their tomorrows

is it enjolras? is it achilles? is it oscar? idk. probably all of them.

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Arcimboldo-esque composite portraits of trades, from the London-based publisher S.W. Fores, ca. 1800 — http://buff.ly/2oIEHqu
#publicdomainreview #job #jobs #florist #barber #writer #musician #arcimboldo #objects #face #caricature #tools #trade

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Errr….. no.

1. The guy, Abu Zarin Hussin, is a Malaysian firefighter who has been working with snakes since 2007, and has been training other firefighters to handle and manage snakes, so that they can be safely re-released into the wild after being caught. (Because in Malaysia, if you find a giant python in your drain, who do you call? The Fire Department).

2. He obviously did not marry his pet snake. [link] [link

3. This is his Instagram.

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Cleaning out my filing cabinet, I found this handout that I made for my mini-comics class.  Hope it’s helpful!  Remember, it ain’t only for comics.  Self-publish short stories, collections of drawings or sketches, or blank for journals/sketchbooks, etc.

(Reblogging because I’m doing a talk for teen writers tomorrow and sending them to tumblr is a lot more cost efficient than printing up a ton of handouts)

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