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October 05 2017



The thing about Enjolras is - that winning a political debate against him isn’t such a monumental feat as it would seem. Sure he’s kind of intimidating and he WILL defend what he believes in with all he has, but his ultimate goal isn’t to win a debate.

He takes no personal pride in his argumentative skills or suggestiveness, he has far greater goals than that. So if you can present him with a point of view he hasn’t considered before and you really, truly know what you’re talking about he will concede and even adapt your views. Be it about women’s rights, or how nationalism is ultimately a narrow and chauvinistic view and how he needs to think bigger than France alone or specific aspects of workers’ rights.

Actually, he likes and trusts most of the core of Les Amis is because at one point they won over him or at least made a good enough attempt. (See Marius.)

(The one who never tried in earnest and therefore won no respect or approval from him is Grantaire.)




a collection of random thoughts about enjolras, brought to you by yours truly

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so far on my reread of les mis, I’ve only skipped two relatively short bits

- four pages in a chapter in “A Few Pages Of History” with context about Louis-Philippe, which I didn’t really understand the first time either

- three pages of monologue by Gillenormand at the wedding feast because he’s boring and annoying and I already dealt with him once

However, I think I made up for this because I read the following more in depth

- the chapters in “June 5, 1832″ talking about the difference between émeute and insurrection, which was almost enough to make me quit the book the first time around, until i got someone to explain the (unrelenting) Context

- all of Grantaire’s speeches, mostly because I hate him a LOT less than the other two characters who talk a lot

The most important thing to know about the Louis-Philippe passages anyway is that Hugo was his personal buddy and is thus Somewhat Exaggerating how chill and awesome he was as a king A Bit. >_<

…I can’t scold anyone for skimming Gillenormand, SAVE YOURSELLLLLF.

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–From a Certain Point of View - “The Bucket”


This Stormtrooper looked at Darth Vader and thought him ~Sonorous Yet Dreadful, that he was he could well have been akin to Death-With-A-Capital-D!

And then took one look at Leia and basically waxed rhapsodic about how much of a beautiful angel she was.


ok but the stormtrooper is called TK-4601 so if his narration gets a little Victor Hugo it is more than understandable

when did they start cloning Romantics

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Some illustrations for an 1922 edition of Les Misérables by Eric Rohman (translated captions when you click the pictures)

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Waistcoat c. 1810s [x]



les amis as modern au american lesbians because my experience in france is leading me to believe gay people don’t exist here except in posters against homophobic language

enjolras - french androgyne supermodel variety. accepts being referred to as chapstick by close friends. in reality she never wears chapstick because she doesn’t need to. doesn’t wear makeup. read a lot of 20th century feminist theory but decided to focus on praxis. would never actually live in a lesbian homesteading commune because she prefers engaging with the changes that need to be made in reality but did consider it briefly for 2.5 seconds when someone (immediately following) brought up the topic.

combeferre - went to an 85% male engineering university and that’s how she knew but in retrospect she really liked all her newly graduated lady teachers in high school. did in fact live in a lesbian homesteading commune and then a gay/lesbian houseshare. philosophy nut & reads fewer woman philosophers than men. likes theory and is bad at praxis. balances out enjolras in this respect. crushing on enjolras.

prouvaire - butch but the kind who wants to be george sand. is not george sand. has 2.5 skills necessary for lesbian homesteading. has an excitig array of additional skills that she tries unsuccessfully to use as pickups, including made-up-style-of verse poetry and baroque editions of modern instruments, but has trouble meeting people because she believes the internet and smartphones are impeding human connection. has trouble keeping people because she’s weird. poly. has benefits with bahorel. crushing on enjolras.

feuilly - working class chapstick lesbian. reads more than any of her friends. has penpals on six continents, one of which is antarctica. wore flannels because she lived in the rural agriculture circuit and didn’t realize til adulthood that this was a lesbian signal in places where not everybody wears flannel. likes the concept of a lesbian commune, but not homesteading, and also would prefer that it had internet access and was near a library and was international, somehow. crushing on enjolras.

courfeyrac - femme. wears it proudly. first mentioned that has both enjoyed and repeated going to pride. has a degree from somewhere fancy and didn’t date women until aforementioned somewhere fancy. business school type lesbian but she doesn’t actually go to business school. her degrees were in polisci and economics. dresses well, hit on by men often, has a strained relationship with her parents, crushing on enjolras.

bahorel - butch, but in the opposite manner of prouvaire, albeit with many similar interests. founded a lesbian homestead. no one knows how old she is. knows every roller derby player in a 10 mile radius, if you name a gay coffeehouse or bar she has worked in it, once a drag king so knows everyone in drag, formerly married (he’s seeing a man now and they still go for coffee) so knows all the other formerly married lesbians, lesbian ambassador to your mother’s pflag chapter, benefits with prouvaire, crushing on enjolras.

lesgle - likes the idea of butch/femme subculture, has accepted this isn’t in the cards. played rollerderby until she realized the team only ever won when she wasn’t in. had approximately zero luck with dating until she got married with joly in 2015 for revolutionary funsies because they finally could in the latter’s home state and then they fell in love. in that order. owns many a flannel and sturdy boots because she is from alaska. will never go back to alaska. crushing on enjolras but it’s ok because

joly - is married to lesgle and also kinda crushing on enjolras. overperformed femininity until she realized medical school was a chance to not look like a barbie doll every day, and it stuck. chronically nervous.

grantaire - is …. not even a lesbian, or bisexual, or anything like that, not sure why you’d think so, although she can suppose if she plays devil’s advocate that it is potentially kind of weird that most, well maybe all sometimes, of her friends are? men find her attractive, a bombshell, interesting, and an intellectual equal, because although she C+ed her way through a triple humanities major she knows the classics and philosophy in general like the back of a particular friend’s hand, and some men are into the knowledge that comes with reading the texts referenced but never actually used in the syllabus rather than completing the course obligated ancient greek translations, really she could choose anyone she wanted if she went to the right coffee shop because they’re just falling all over for her. in fact don’t tell her friends this but it’s almost sickening how sweet her two married best friends are because everyone knows that true love is fake unless you’re joly and bossuet, apparently, and although she knows it wouldn’t be hard at all to find a nice man they’re not all that interesting or in general desirable in fact, she does know someone who is interesting and desirable, though, perhaps you’ve met her, she does work for npr and volunteers her time doing things for Causes and interacts with local government and has nice blue eyes and wlre tailored pantsuits until they became associated with hillary clinton and then quietly changed it up a little, but honestly who cares about politics, well this woman does but she’s not like, some people grantaire knows are about it, in fact sometimes it’s charming and she is very knowledgeable if potentially more idealistic than grantaire is used to but admittedly she is very charismatic and easy on the… to watch and listen to, in a way that almost makes one think there are things worth living for on this earth and that they have long blonde hair and are naturally beautiful with a nice voice and strong convictions and

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Shoes c. 1810s-1820s [x]

October 04 2017

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Image reads:

DACA Renewal Reminder

If your DACA protections are set to expire before March 5, 2018 you will have until October 5, 2017 to apply for one last renewal. 

Spread this image or info on all your social media! Make sure everyone that needs to reapply gets the chance. 

Spread this one too. It reads:


Si su DACA expira el, o antes del, 5 de Marzo del 2018, tienen hasta el 5 de Octubre del 2017 para renovar.

You have ONE WEEK LEFT to renew! If you still need to renew, there are workshops available all over the country to help you out. If you’re comfortable, check to see if your school is able to help you out. My college is helping with resources and renewals. AND if you need to raise money for your renewal please send us your donation posts so we can boost them. 

To those eligible for one last two-year extension!!

You have to have your application and $495 check at a government office by the end of the day TOMORROW, Oct. 5th 2017. If you still need help with funds or filing, please look up places in your area that are helping with DACA renewal. There are still tens of thousands of eligible renewals that have not done so yet and tomorrow is the last day!

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Parasol c. 19th century [x]

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Les Misérables + sosadtoday-twitter


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Tailcoat c. 1815 [x]




“and I say ‘him’ because let’s be honest: dudes do this. dudes are this stuffy and pretentious” - my late romanticism professor


  • “welcome to class! have you thought about your own death yet today?”
  • “I brought cupcakes and macaroons, but I want to clarify that I have done it to make a rhetorical point. but also because they’re delicious.”
  • “so if you look at the kind of history we talk about, it turns out it’s mostly just white men killing one another and then never shutting up about it.”
  • “doesn’t that sound great? decomposing to become one with nature?”
  • “more snake women today! keats might have had a fetish.”
  • “it’s a horror story, but the horror is capitalistic exploitation. do you know who made the clothes you’re wearing? no? well, keats is disappointed with you.”
  • “ rejecting the societal expectation of monogamous romantic marriage and going with polyamory is a-ok. super cool. jazzy.”
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Looking for some easier French works to read? Here’s a quick list of stories for anyone who’s looking for something more imaginative and less challenging than the classics!

All of the linked stories are available online.

Children’s Stories:

Longer Reads:

That’s just a very short list of some French stories I’ve read in the past or have found online. Feel free to add your own!

Revolution is never practical - until the hour of the Revolution strikes. Then it alone is practical, and all the efforts of the conservatives and compromisers become the most futile and visionary of human imaginings.
— James Connolly (via electoralcollege)
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Tailcoat, pictured with waistcoat and stock c. 1815 [x]

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Dress c. 1815 [x]


on the one hand I see where Toilers of the Sea  is going at this point and like…there’s so much left over and I sort of don’t want to go through that much of what I know is gonna happen (grueling labor and inevitably death because after all this is still a Romantic novel) 

on the other hand this book has wildly  surprised me a couple times and I don’t want to miss any more good twists plus also I haven’t reached the Octopus Battle 

plus let’s be real I’m  a sucker for Hugo’s prose even with Hapgood’s translations 

but Not Wanting the Inevitable End is slowin’ me down a good bunch here 


Starting a new round of fic tag


     No one tagged me but I thought I’d start another round of this game as I love seeing all the words.

THE RULE: Post the last sentence you wrote (fanfic/original/anything!) and tag as many people as there are words in the sentence.

This is from a sort of college/restaurant AU I started inspired by a Milliways’ DE, Jyn’s talking about her family.

“My mother was a geologist and my father an engineer, she always made sure I knew where everything we used came from.”

I’m not going to tag twenty two people so I’ll do a few. Then anyone else who wants to do it since I don’t know who’s working on anything. @bjornwilde @villainny @liptonrm @notyourplayground @needsmoreresearch @ratheralark @pilferingapples @dodger-sister @artificialities @varadia

oh geez I’m flattered but I don’t write fic 

but here’s something from a …thing I’m writing anyway :

Certainly not once I brought out the woodcuts.

I don’t know who to tag– @fixaidea ? @aporeticelenchus? @printfogey? @eirenical?   I don’t know if I know eight people who are working on fic generally, but if you are, feel free to tag in here!

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